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Whether functional or sculptural, Jamie’s forms are complex and well balanced, emphasizing positive and negative space equally.  While the development of well composed forms is a critical point of consideration in her design process, Jamie emphasizes that developing a surface to properly fit the form is of the utmost importance.  Seed pods, tree bark and sea urchin shells act as inspiration for the many patterns she has designed and made by hand to apply to her work. 


Jamie uses various stains to add one of three distinct palettes to each of her pieces. Her main palette is understated and raw, embracing and emphasizing the physicality of the clay she uses which relates directly to the natural environment that inspires her.  The second palette abandons subtlety in favor of a bold, rich and shocking red which mutes the surface and emphasizes form.  Her third palette is composed of various blues, greens and oranges which swirl and blend over the bodies of her forms giving them a strong sense of sophisticated whimsy. 

Artist Statement

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